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This dog in placed. However we invite you to call or write to be put on our list if a dog becomes available. We go over the names and who is interested and notify you. These calls mean a quick response is required to be considered for a possible placement.

These placements usually occur from family trajedy, illness, divorce, or a family move which does not allow the family to take the dog sadly.

Please look to the left for her photo!

From time to time we have an adult dog available through the unexpected relinquishment of a dog from a previous owner, or we have a retired breeding dog that just does not naturally fit our Program for some reason. At that point we will post the dog in the space to the right and tell you about the available companion.

Just like our puppies adults are rehomed and if you would like to be considered you must fill out and application for this dog. Additionally the new companion comes under strict contract rules and agreements that you must adhere to.

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